GEW Preparations Already Underway Around the World

Jessica Wray Bradner | June 19, 2015
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GEW host organizations around the world are already busy with preparations for Global Entrepreneurship Week, which will take place November 16 – 22, 2015. Many countries are also launching or preparing to launch a year-round platform of programs and initiatives known as Global Entrepreneurship Network.

Host organizations in Algeria and Vietnam opted to announce their work and launch Global Entrepreneurship Week 2015 as part of large entrepreneurship events hosted in collaboration with local partners of the Global Entrepreneurship Network and GEW Botswana is working on boosting the global impact of a summer camp they are organizing this summer.


The Vietnam Chamber of Commerce, the official GEW host organization in Vietnam, organized a National Entrepreneurship Forum in Hanoi last week. GEN Vietnam and GEW 2015 were introduced to the more than 200 participants during the forum on June 9, 2015.

At the forum, participants stressed the importance of collecting relevant entrepreneurship research data in Vietnam and process optimization measures to boost overall quality and effectiveness. Ideas for a number of entrepreneurial capacity-building measures were also discussed for local firms to access capital, manage finances and train their staff.

Some of the proposals included promoting a startup environment in Vietnam, prioritizing diversified startup programs designed for youth from rural and geographically difficult to access areas. Vuong Dinh Hue, chairman of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Economic Affairs, emphasized the need for local entrepreneurship programs with the goal of making households and students more entrepreneurial.


GEW Botswana is helping to boost the impact of the third annual Schools Entrepreneurship Camp, co-organized by the government of the Republic of Botswana and Junior Achievement Botswana July 26 – 31. The five day camp consisting of guest speaker sessions, training workshops and business idea pitch sessions will encourage attendees to think and act like entrepreneurs. The students will learn about identifying a need, then working with a team to develop a solution, and creating a preliminary business plan. They will also work on bringing their products to life and offer them to the public in a marketplace at the end of the week.

Thanks the GEW Botswana’s efforts, this year top achievers from the world’s best universities will also join the camp in addition to more than 100 learners from all across Botswana. With collaboration among Global Entrepreneurship Week host organizations, learners and speakers from Lesotho, Namibia, Swaziland, South Africa and Zimbabwe will be joining the camp.

Speakers and guest entrepreneurs interested in participating this camp are encouraged to contactMooketsi Bennedict Tekere from Ngwana Enterprises, the official GEW host organization in Botswana. More information is available on the event’s Facebook Page.


The GEW Algeria Award Ceremony took place on this week on June 15 at the headquarters of the Foreign Trade Promotion Agency to celebrate the accomplishments of GEW Algeria 2014 partners. GEW Algeria also launched this year’s campaign during the ceremony.

Among those recognized during the ceremony with awards were Algeria’s Industry and Mine Directorate, Research Agency and CREAD. These partners also recommitted to officially partnering with GEW Algeria this year. Joan A. Polaschik, United States ambassador to Algeria and Andrew Noble, British ambassador to Algeria as well as resident representative of World Bank, were present at the ceremony to showcase their support for the week.

Fatiha Rachedi from PNB Napeo, the official host organization in Algeria stated that in 2014, 261,000 participants attended more than 2,200 activities across 48 provinces that took place during GEW in Algeria. Their aim is to receive the Country of the Year Award this year for which Algeria was shortlisted for the second time in the past two years.

Jessica Wray Bradner
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