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Global Entrepreneurship Week is a collection of tens of thousands of activities, competitions and events in 180+ countries each November aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a company.

Founded in 2008, GEW inspires millions each year to explore their potential while fostering connections and increasing collaboration within their ecosystems to empower entrepreneurs and strengthen communities.

In the United States alone, there are 2,500 partner organizations that conduct about 5,000 activities across all 50 states.

Diversity is a driver of innovation and economies suffer if a group of people are underrepresented or face structural barriers. Global Entrepreneurship Week reaches beyond traditional startup hubs like Silicon Valley, New York and Boston - envisioning one entrepreneurial ecosystem open to all, including smaller cities and towns and under-represented communities.



GEW 2021: November 8-14

Global Entrepreneurship Week serves as an opportunity to collaborate and engage with organizations and individuals on activities that highlight the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial resources in your community.

This is a chance to expose people to entrepreneurship as a career path and provide them with the connections that can get them started on their entrepreneurial journey. It can also provide established entrepreneurs with the chance to connect with investors and resource providers that can help them grow.

GEW has always encouraged forging connections in your ecosystem, but you also have access to nation-wide campaigns and connections with the GEW global network. In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic and a new virtual world, this has broken down barriers and provided us to make connections across borders. We hope you will consider engaging with other ecosystems to share experiences.

While Global Entrepreneurship Week is only one week, we hope the connections made extend long afterwards.


How to Get Involved

Entrepreneurs do three things – they advance innovation, they create jobs and they build wealth. GEW is an initiative that accelerates the emergence of new high-growth firms by helping foster new communities of nascent entrepreneurs in the communities where they live. By encouraging the development of entrepreneurs in your community you’re encouraging more innovation, more jobs and a strong economic system.

There are a number of ways that you can leverage GEW to connect with job creators and strengthen local, state and national entrepreneurship ecosystems – creating impact that continues long after GEW has ended. The pages that follow contain a collection of signatures activities and ideas focused on empowering entrepreneurs and strengthening your community.



Signature Activities

Want to host an activity but unsure where to begin? Check out these GEW Signature Activities with instructions to help you replicate them with your community.

Signature Activities are a collection of ready-to-go activities created by GEN and key partners that you can replicate in your community -- either in-person, if safe to do so while exercising proper social distancing, or virtually -- during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Each activity comes with a guide that walks you through the process from planning to execution. As with any other activity during GEW, please be sure to add your activity to the GEW website -- and don't forget to use the hashtags #GEW2021 and #SignatureActivity when you are sharing on social media.


Networking is a great way to connect with the various actors in your ecosystem. Host a gathering of entrepreneurs, investors, and resource providers to facilitate meaningful connections - face-to-face or virtually - that will extend long past GEW.


I Am an Entrepreneur is a social media campaign seeking to highlight the diverse stories and faces of entrepreneurship. We are asking entrepreneurs to share their "aha" moment, the moment that they realized that they were an entrepreneur.


The Startup Nations Policy Dialogue provides an opportunity to gather policymakers and ecosystem leaders for a discussion - at the local, state or national level - about innovative policy approaches to empower entrepreneurs in your community. The model has been used to share best practices and stimulate action at a growing number of sessions around the world.


The Startup Nations Policy Hack moves beyond dialogue and is for those who like to roll up their sleeves and get to work on hacking policy solutions to overcome barriers to entrepreneurship.


Find an up-to-date list of signature activities and guides online at



Ideas Bank

Looking for other ideas on ways you can rally support for local startups and small businesses during GEW? Now's the time to unleash your entrepreneurial creativity. You can create your own unique event or activity or organize one that's similar to past examples below:

Business Plan 101

Successful startups often start with a strong business plan. What are investors looking for in promising startup and their business plans? Hold an informational session to help budding entrepreneurs prepare for success.

Pitching Your Startup: To Investors

Almost every entrepreneur has to secure a source of startup capital if they want to grow. No matter if it is Friends + Family or Series A, a convincing pitch can be the difference between success and failure. Invite local investors to share their experience and insights so that local entrepreneurs can scale.

Pitching Your Startup: To Media

Visibility helps bring new customers. Put together a panel of reporters from the local newspaper or broadcast media, as well as public relations managers from successful companies to discuss the best ways to engage local, state and national media.

Women in Entrepreneurship Panel

Bring your community together to inspire future female entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers and potential investors by putting together a panel of women who are successful entrepreneurs, experienced investors, community development leaders, or corporate partners who support entrepreneurship.

High School Startup Day | Powered by Conductor, Arkansas, USA

The object of High School Startup Day is to give students a platform to identify and analyze real world problems and collaborate with their peers to conceptualize tangible solutions. HSSD takes anywhere for dozens to hundreds of high school or secondary school students and gives them one day to achieve one goal: solve a problem students face in high school or secondary school.

The intensive workshop teaches everything from financial literacy, market research and customer discovery, to thinking creatively and building teamwork skills. High School Startup Day was created by Conductor of Arkansas. You can follow Conductor on Twitter @AR_Conductor.

Find more event ideas at



Digital Awareness

Register your activities as 'GEW Official Activities' on GEWUSA.CO to participate in the worldwide campaign. Engage in the global dialogue around GEW on your favorite social media channels to spread the word and show others what your community is all about.

Be sure to post photos and video clips from your GEW activities and events on social media! Make sure to tag @gewusa and use the hashtag #GEW2021 for a chance to be featured on our Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Follow the official hashtag #GEW2021 or create your own custom hashtag to connect and focus on your community.


Branding Support + Additional Guidance

GEN provides all partners with tools, templates and resources to help plan, promote and produce an activity or otherwise get involved during Global Entrepreneurship Week. Go to to find: 

  • 'GEW Official Activity' badge
  • GEW USA activity branding guide
  • Promotional toolkit + social media card templates
  • List of State Coordinators + Community Organizers who can help connect you with others and strengthen your ecosystem
  • Leaderboards for the most active partner organizations and cities and more.

For any questions, reach out to Ellen Bateman, GEW USA national coordinator, at