CELEBRATE | November 25, 2019

2019 Best Seasoned Entrepreneur of the Year

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Mariam Seba Products Factory (MSPF) was founded by Freweini Mebrahtu. Her inspiration to create reusable sanitary pads came from her time as a child in Ethiopia. As a girl she, and girls like her, did not have access to proper sanitary pads. This meant that having their period was an inconvenient and embarrassing part of their lives.Girls and women without access to sanitary pads would sequester themselves during their menstruation causing them to miss school and withdraw from their duties in care-giving, farming and husbandry. Freweini realized that the effect this was having on women's education, sense of self-worth and the overall economy was immense and something had to be done. So in 2009, Freweini founded MSPF in Ethiopia's northern city of Mekelle.  

Mariam Seba Sanitary Pads are accessed by more than 800,000 girls and reduce school absenteeism by 23%.