Over the past eight years, the Global Entrepreneurship Congress has grown into a premier annual gathering of startup champions from 160 nations dedicated to building and strengthening entrepreneurial ecosystems. During the GEC, entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, thought leaders and policymakers work together to help new firms start and scale. GEC+ fills a need for more in-depth collaboration on key issues emerging from the GEC.

Hosted by GEN and the Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation in Daegu, a city that features a world class creative economy, GEC+ explored exciting new thinking, research and tools for understanding the entrepreneurial mindset, teaching entrepreneurship, and building vibrant city ecosystems.

Multiple new projects resulted from the sessions and side meetings. Importantly, GEN’s Global Entrepreneurship Research Network  and the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation (AGO) heard from many leading global experts on entrepreneurial mindset, informing the framing of a joint pilot study of South Africans. The discussions helped to crystalize an approach for measuring mindset – the methodology will be presented at the GEC.



In addition to the open session presentations and discussions around entrepreneurship education methodologies and local government initiatives, GEN convened an internal Global Entrepreneurship Research Network (GERN) meeting for members and prospective members to update on collaborative research projects.


Day 1: Plenary Sessions

GEC+ Daegu began with two plenary sessions. The first, led by Anthony Farr, the Chief Executive Officer of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, focused on how best to equip future generations with an entrepreneurial mindset. He was joined by:

Anders Rasmussen, Team Leader, Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship (Denmark)

Phil Yunsock Lee, Entrepreneurship Education Team Leader, Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation (Korea)


The second featured four experts who have studied successful ways for catalyzing the development of startup ecosystems. Each offered a unique perspective on innovation ecosystems and compelling narratives on forging collaborative action.

Jarmo Eskelien, Chief Innovation & Technology Officer, Future Cities Catapult UK (UK)

Victor Mulas, Program Lead, Innovation Acceleration Program, World Bank Innovation Labs (US)

Kyuhwang Yeon, Vice President, Daegu Center for Creative Economy & Innovation (Korea)

Qian Wang, Vice Director, Zhongguancun Innoway Beijing (China)


Day 2: Parallel Tracks

Day 2 of GEC+ was organized to facilitate smaller, roundtable discussions focused on Entrepreneurial Mindset and Building Startup Ecosystems. These sessions ran in parallel to each other.

Parallel Track 1: Entrepreneurship Education

As one study found, developing entrepreneurial skills as a student is a greater determinate of future success than having a PhD. With this in mind, Wael Bedda, the director of the Arab Academy for Science’s Entrepreneurship Center led a discussion about mainstreaming entrepreneurship education throughout secondary and high school curricula. Joining him were:​

Noam Band, Advisor, Israel Education Initiatives (Israel)

Antonija Mrsic, Steering Committee Member, South East European Centre for Entrepreneurship Learning (Croatia)

Enrique Portillo, Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education (Mexico)

Johannes Linder,  Head, eesi Entrepreneurship Education Center and Initiative for Teaching Entrepreneurship (Austria)





Kyu Dong Kim, President, SMB University Entrepreneurship Center


A session on international practices used to measure the impact of entrepreneurship education, moderated by Anthony Farr, spotlighted a variety of effective evidence-based entrepreneurship education policies, programs and practices. Discussants included:

Gi-Hyun Kum, Secretary General, Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation

Anders Rasmussen, Team Leader, Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship

Fredell Jacobs, Head of Impact Assurance, Allan Gray Orbis Foundation

Yun-Sock Lee, Lead, Entrepreneurship Education Team, Korea Entrepreneurship Foundation


Sonia Lee, Operations Manager, Banks Foundation D. Camp, Seoul (Korea)

Kei Yamagata, Manager, Japan Innovation Network (Japan)

David Kuo, Co-Founder, iiiNNO (Taiwan)

Emanuele Santi, Lead Strategy Advisor, Africa Development Bank (Ivory Coast)

Sajid Islam, Founder, hubDhaka (Bangladesh)

Priyank Narayan, Director, Entrepreneurship Programs, Ashoka University (India)

Fiorina Mugione, Chief, Entrepreneurship Section, UNCTAD (Switzerland)

Ainsley Lloyd, Global Operations Coordinator, The GEDI Institute (US)


Gene Seow, Program Lead, Singapore Nanyang Technopreneurship Center, Nanyang Technology University (Singapore)

Ivan Sandjaja, Director, Ciputra Entrepreneurship Foundation (Indonesia)

Ken Krull, Executive Director, Quatere (US)











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