GERN is dedicated to catalyzing joint research projects among its members. The benefits of collaborative GERN member research include:

  • Aligning current research agendas and investments with others for deeper global analysis and impact
  • Increasing the scope and impact of current research when research communities from around the world contribute their thinking and data
  • Thinking through with peers and defining the most important research questions and the best research methods for unlocking new ways to advance entrepreneurship
  • Addressing entrepreneurship research questions through collective efforts, thereby multipling effectiveness, insights, and understanding
  • Being connected to Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), a global community of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship support program leaders, policymakers, and many others – GEN offers opportunities to test the relevance of research findings and recommendations, and
  • Receiving input and feedback from GERN members, which helps to take a more strategic and deliberative approach in defining future research agendas and investments
  • Being connected to a network that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

For each GERN-member collaborative project, listed below, GERN has evaluated and endorsed the methodologies employed.

Project Project Lead Organization
Ecosystem Connections Mapping Rhett Morris Endeavor Insight
Accelerator Performance Genevieve Edens ANDE
Government Data Infrastructure Fiorina Mugione UNCTAD
Entrepreneur Mindset & Education Fredell Jacobs Allan Gray Orbis Foundation