GEW Philippines Attracts More Than 115,000 Participants

Buke Cuhadar | December 19, 2016


Global Entrepreneurship Week made a considerable impact on the Philippines this year, with statements of support from top government officials, as well as extensive coverage and articles in the local media. GEW Philippines reached a new level of engagement as host, the Young Entrepreneurs Society, celebrated the Week with more than 160 event partners, 244 activities and a record 115,388 participants.

The activities ranged from startup exhibits at different universities, training boot camps and business idea parades, to the annual anchor event “Failing Forward Conference,” as well as global GEW branded events such as Creative Business Cup, Get in the Ring, and Future Agro Challenge.

YES Philippines is an organization of young entrepreneurs who share a common passion for excellence in business and professional growth. YES Philippines educates, promotes, and motivates young entrepreneurs and is instrumental in helping them develop into aspiring and successful entrepreneurs. They organize regular networking events with successful business owners and executives, training classes, and mentorship opportunities to facilitate their members to become successful entrepreneurs.

One of the main partners for GEW Philippines this year was Miriam College, whose Department of Entrepreneurship has been designated by the Commission of Higher Education as Center of Excellence for Entrepreneurship. YES hosted this year’s Failing Forward Conference, the top event of GEW Philippines, in collaboration with Miriam College.

Supported by renowned government officials, business tycoons and leading entrepreneurs, The Failing Forward Conference is designed to be an inspirational keynote conference that aims to inspire and motivate attendees through the epic failure and success stories delivered by a set of influential entrepreneurs who also excel at public speaking.

More than a thousand enthusiastic students from different universities throughout the Philippines as well as entrepreneurs and startup founders attended this year’s Failing Forward Conference to learn from the successful entrepreneurs, both young and seasoned. The speakers were, Euclid Cezar, owner of the Famous Belgian Waffle; Doy Roque, CEO of M2.0 Communications; Luis Arcangel, CEO of Montgomery Fitch and Associates; Riccardo Corsini, CEO of Skyrocket Studios and Diego Ramos, CoFounder of Horsepower.

Their talks included insightful, inspiring and tipping point lessons from the challenges and adversities of dealing with everyday realities of being startup founders. The participants learned about how to rise up again after being a failure. A total of 19 schools, half came from YES Student Chapters, were awarded with a certificate of recognition.

GEW Philippines featured a large number of events designed to appeal to young people, in parallel with one of this year’s GEW global themes, youth entrepreneurship. One of these was Young Entrepreneurs Convention 2016: LINKED, partly a competition that provides college students from schools in Metro Manila the opportunity to turn their bright ideas into reality and a chance to win up to 10K worth of prizes and partly a conference where young people learn about entrepreneurship, app technology, and environmental sustainability. LINKED was organized by UP Circle of Entrepreneurs in cooperation with UBER and also in collaboration with PaidUp and Frappe La Rue College.

Children were not left out of GEW Philippines either, with Kiddo-preneur Bazaar. Kiddo-preneur began as a passion project in 2011 by mother-daughter team, Maiki and Brielle Oreta. As a business journalist for the ABS-CBN News Channel, Oreta looked for ways to teach her young daughter about business.

Together, they created Kiddo-preneur, a venue where children could learn about business and entrepreneurship first hand, through practical experience. Kiddo-preneur, through its events and initiatives, teaches kids how to earn, save, invest, and donate. In essence, Kiddo-preneur Bazaar is a marketplace where kids can sell products and services. It is a venue for children to learn about business and entrepreneurship in a practical setting. And while going about their business, they learn how to “develop an entrepreneurial drive and spirit, the values of hard work and perseverance, deal with healthy competition, think out of the box, and that business can be fun and rewarding.”

Buke Cuhadar
Buke Cuhadar serves as Vice President of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), a year-round platform of programs and initiatives created by the... About the Author