GEW Scale-Ups

GEW Scale-ups: Taking the Next Step

Encouraging aspiring entrepreneurs to unleash their ideas and launch new startups stimulates innovation and is an essential first step toward entrepreneurial growth. However, helping those entrepreneurs overcome obstacles, maximize their potential and take their ventures to the next level – possibly even becoming the next Google or Facebook -- builds lasting businesses that drive innovation, disrupt traditional industries and transform societies. Many programs and resources are dedicated to the former, but not nearly as many to the latter. High-growth, high-impact scale-ups need a different kind of mentorship, investment and support infrastructure to move the needle forward.

GEW Scale-ups explores what it takes for these high-potential businesses to thrive and what strong entrepreneurial ecosystems can do to help them to maximize their growth potential. During Global Entrepreneurship Week, we will highlight powerful voices and ambassadors who focus on helping startups scale; events, activities and competitions targeted toward taking startups to the next level; and GEN’s partner organizations that are playing active roles in the space.

Topics covered may include:

  • Successful scale-up stories in local and regional areas
  • Existing and potential support programs for startups looking to move forward
  • Mentorship opportunities from successful scale-ups or serial entrepreneurs
  • Matchmaking sessions to connect startups with potential investors



  • INCmty
    The Disrupt INCmty Entrepreneurship Festival is one of the largest gathering for entrepreneurs in Latin America, brings together thousands of entrepreneurs, investors, startup support organizations and ecosystem players to share knolwedge and best practices, as well as to create and stimulate high-impact ventures and initiatives that promote entrepreneurship.
  • How to Get There Summit
    The Netherlands
    Join more than 2,500 top innovators in the Netherlands in networking and collaboration, meet with 350 startups through the Get in the Ring pitch competition, and connect with more than 150 investors who are part of the ecosystem in the Netherlands.