GEW Women

GEW Women: Inspiring Entrepreneurs + Investors

As communities and countries increasingly encourage entrepreneurs who create jobs, women can be a catalyst for large-scale economic growth – not just in countries where the basic rights of women are a struggle, but in developed economies as well. Studies have shown that women have lower levels of involvement in high-growth entrepreneurship than men, and research suggests that accelerating the rates of female entrepreneurship could have the same positive effect that the entry of women into the labor force had during the 20th century.

GEW Women celebrates female entrepreneurs, investors and others in the space while offering opportunities to expand their networks, identify resources and share knowledge with women around the world. During Global Entrepreneurship Week, we will highlight powerful voices and ambassadors that promote the increase of women entrepreneurs; events, activities and competitions targeted toward women in entrepreneurship; and GEN’s partner organizations that are playing active roles in the space.

Topics covered may include:

  • Programs around the world fostering female entrepreneurs
  • Efforts to increase participation of young women in STEM education fields
  • Female investors
  • Women in leadership
  • Women in tech
  • Research around women-owned businesses



  • Demand Solutions
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
    Demand Solutions brings together the most creative minds in the world of health, water and sanitation, and women entrepreneurs in the STEM field. Additionally, there will be a Venture Night to discuss and share innovative solutions to the challenges facing Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • Failing Forward
    Brussels, Belgium
    Failing Forward is an inspirational keynote conference, where seasoned entrepreneurs will give an honest testimonial about the hardships they have faced on their way to success, and the lessons learned that helped them through -- breaking through th estigma associated with failure in Belgium and Europe.