Apply to Present

Educate, Engage, Connect.

Join a global network of presenters, crowdsource solutions, and plug into your community. As you present to the audience, you'll meet amazing mentors, investors, cofounders, and sponsors who are ready to help with solutions. Your community is here to help you — find an event today!

Step 1: Educate yourself on what it takes to present at Startup Huddle

Here is the criteria:

The Startup Huddle educational experience is designed for entrepreneurs who are leading companies through the early stages of a new venture. As such, there are specific criteria that Startup Huddle organizers must use in order to select a company. We use the same criteria globally.

1. The business model conveys intention and ability to grow.

  • Examples of presenter company qualities:
    • Using technology to scale
    • Expanding by cities, state, region or nation (unconstrained by geography)
    • Has a new, disruptive business model

2. The company, ideally, is 3 years old or younger; 3 to 5 years only if the company still lacks customers.

If your company is not accepted, please do not be offended. We hope that you will still attend Startup Huddle and take advantage of the experiential learning that takes place every week.

*Your presenter application may be accepted in some cities and not approved in others. Organizers have some discretion, though Startup Huddle tries to align consistent standards.

Here is what is required of you before you present:

  1. Fill out the application.
  2. The Startup Huddle organizers will get back to you with a response.
  3. If you are accepted, you will be sent a date to present. If this date does not work for you, work with the organizer to find another date.
  4. Receive coaching from the organizer on your presentation.
  5. Prepare a 6 minute presentation.
  6. Practice, practice, practice.
  7. Show up 30 minutes before Startup Huddle starts.

Here is the format:

6 minute educational presentation.

20 minutes of Q&A from audience members.

After your presentation

You will receive formal feedback from the organizers via a survey.

After your presentation, you may receive private comments/feedback from the audience. This will go directly into your company profile. For your eyes only.

Step 2: Participate in Startup Huddle

You'll get the best sense of the full experience by attending a nearby event. When you attend the event, introduce yourself to one of the local community organizers and ask questions to learn more about the program.

Step 3: Give Back

Once you've presented, it's time to give back to the Startup Huddle community.

  1. Attend Startup Huddle when you can
  2. Mentor/coach future presenters
  3. Refer other startups to present
  4. Invite other people to attend
  5. Give advice and feedback on your Startup Huddle experience

Ready to present your company? Next step is to apply!