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In 2015, new regulation was put in place in order to track companies proposing crowdfunding loans. Investment proposals must be accompanied by a prospectus (published online and given to BaFin) that is valid for 12 months.


TechBA connects entrepreneurs to a network of international consultants and mentors. The program develops companies within an international context, providing spaces across the US and Spain for Mexican businesses to sustain growth.


The program include the following key policies and actions include

(1) The entrepreneurial university program to transform universities across the country to become entrepreneurial universities. 


Access to capital for entrepreneurs in various forms of equity or debt, and engagement of customers and clients (every Oregonian) as investors.


Creates a direct linkage between the academic and productive sectors by sponsoring internship and training programs and funding technological development in target areas.


Public grants for young SMEs in order to invest in development and job creation.