Press Releases | July 15, 2015

Wallonia-Belgium supports GEW 2015 and shows with Creative Wallonia how Wallonia embarkes on an offensive strategy in order to restructure reinforce and modernize its economic basis. The solution: creativity!

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CREATIVE WALLONIA is a framework program that places creativity and innovation in the center of the Walloon project!

During GEW 2015, November 16-22, several initiatives and activities will be highlighted.

With the Contracts for the Future and the Marshall plans, over the last ten years, Wallonia has been mainly favoring networking in order to consolidate the most promising sectors. This approach appears to be paid off : various studies or independent indicators testify to the excellent results registered by Wallonia, specifically in the foreign investment and the export areas.

Thanks to the dynamism of our companies, the quality of our academic and scientific resources, the knowhow of our workers and the various initiatives taken in recent years, concrete results are being experienced by the Walloon.

Today, in order to maintain and emphasize this favorable trend, we have to continue this proactive and systematic action in this area.

This is why CREATIVE WALLONIA brings together a number of measures based on a common philosophy:

* A vision of innovation that is not restricted to simple discovery or invention: innovating is modifying several elements with regards to the existing reference; and both at the level of the product or service itself than its production, design, marketing, etc. We can no longer simply consider that increased investments in R&D alone will make us innovative. Without a mental attitude directed towards systematic changes, all classic efforts will be in vain.

* An innovation policy based on the entire society ­ on a creative society. If innovation is the capacity to transform reality, creativity is the capacity to transform the perception of reality. In today‘s world, companies cannot be separated from all their normative, social and cultural context.

* This is clearly the reason why all of them must move on together. In this respect, Wallonia is not short of assets : it is a rather compact territory, it has operational institutions, real cultural diversity and numerous industrial spearheads in various advanced areas.

* A willingness to proceed by leverage in order to persuade rather than impose.

All these measures will allow Wallonia to move forward in the same direction, to take a further step in the mutation of the Walloon industry in order to ever better meet the challenges imposed by a global, digital world where the sole constant is continuous change!