Blog | December 28, 2018

Chad Celebrated Agrobusiness during GEW2018

Photo Credit: Minister Talking to the Cree

On the sidelines of Global Entrepreneurship Week Chad taking place at the Palais du 15 janvier, the Minister of Production, Irrigation and Agricultural Equipment, Lydie Béasemda opened this Wednesday, November 14, 2018 the Agrobusiness Festival which aims to develop an intelligent agribusiness to meet the challenges and solve the problem of employment in a young environment.

Under the theme: '' The development of agro-industry for socio-economic transformation in Chad '', this festival is a framework for reflection and work on agribusiness and is accessible on three major axes that are the opening ceremony, the Agribusiness Forum and the Future Agro Challenge competition. The Agribusiness Festival aims to explore innovative and collaborative approaches to ensuring food and nutrition security, improving productivity and environmental sustainability in key commodity value chains. According to the Koomakong Doursouma Agribusiness Festival Flyer, the challenge in this area is enormous. "In addition to feeding the population of fourteen million people today through processing, production and even exporting, we must preserve nature in order to leave it healthy for future generations," he says. . For the coordinator of the festival, Routouang Mohamed Ndonga Christian, the agribusiness sector is not today, a sector in which it is necessary to invest. "We also have to grow every day because our food security depends on it. As young people, we need to be interested, "he adds.


The Minister of Production, Irrigation and Agricultural Equipment Lydie Beasemda, puts access to the potential of Chad. "Our country is full of enormous agro-sylvo-pastoral potential to give a breath of fresh air to its economy. 39 million cultivable hectares (30% of the territory), only 5.1% of this cultivated land and 0.54% of the 5.6 million irrigable hectares are exploitable. To this, add more than 100 million heads of livestock, "she said. For her, the implementation of Ordinance No.43 / PR / 2018, of 31 August 2018, on agro-sylvo pastoral and fisheries (Loah) orientation will be one of the first steps that will pave the way for the modernization of farming systems. production, increased agricultural production. "I encourage you, dear young people, to embrace agricultural entrepreneurship to unclog the economy of our country. The material and financial difficulties can not be an excuse for the lack of action, "adds the minister who urges state and private institutions to support these young people in their initiatives.