USAID Blog Series

Advancing Entrepreneurship: Perspectives from USAID and Partners

Entrepreneurs around the world are problem-solving to address critical social and environmental challenges. USAID's U.S. Global Development Lab and its partners take a systems-change approach to advancing entrepreneurship, with the goal of unlocking the potential of entrepreneurs to advance the Agency’s mission of ending extreme poverty. Follow this blog series throughout Global Entrepreneurship Week to learn more about how we are working with individual entrepreneurs, investors, intermediaries, academia and others to create the enabling environment for entrepreneurial ventures to thrive.


GEW 2016

Global Entrepreneurship Week is November 14-20, 2016.


Monday, November 14

USAID and Partners: Testing New Ways to Support Entrepreneurs
By Rob Schneider, Division Chief, Global Partnerships within USAID’s U.S. Global Development Lab




Tuesday, November 15

USAID, MCE and Partners: Unlocking Private Sector Capital for Small and Growing Businesses Around the World
By Benjamin Stone, Managing Dirctor & General Counsel, MCE Social Capital
and Pierre Berard, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer, MCE Social Capital



Wednesday, November 16

USAID and Partners: Accelerating African Entrepreneurship Through Through Local Impact Investing
By Hugues Vincent-Genod, Investment Officer, Investisseurs & Partenaires




Thursday, November 17

USAID and Partners: Building an Ecosystem for Incubation
By Aditi Seshadri, Head of Marketing and Communications, Villgro



Friday, November 18

The Efficient Impact Frontier: New Tools to Allocate Capital for Impact
By Mike McCreless, Senior Director of Strategy and Impact, Root Capital
and Matt Foerster, Market Development Manager, Root Capital





GEW 2015

USAID and partners explored key issues in entrepreneurship and investing during Global Entrepreneruship Week in 2015.


Monday, November 16


Addressing Key Challenges for Entrepreneurs
Ricardo Michel of USAID's Global Development Lab shares how USAID is combatting three critical challenges for entrepreneurs in developing nations. 



Tuesday, November 17

Is the Pioneer Gap an Impassable Gulch?
Cheryl L. Dorsey, president of Echoing Green, discusses challenges facing entrepreneurs to find funding solutions, and risk-tolerant seed funding to enable and accelerate innovation.



Unlocking Capital for Entrepreneurs
Andreas Zeller, managing partner at Open Capital Advisors, shares insights on early-stage and growth-stage & entrepreneurs and how to approach investments.



Wednesday, November 18

The Regional Ecosystem Approach: Unlocking Social Entrepreneurship at Scale 
Randall Kempner, executive director of the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, and Kate McElligott, director of strategic development at ANDE, discuss how social enterprises can thrive with a supportive and successful entrepreneurial ecosystem.






Thursday, November 19

Accelerating Research into Accelerator Effectiveness
Peter W. Roberts, a professor of organization and management at Emory University, talks about using researsch to drive and accelerate high-potential social entrepreneurs.



Friday, November 20

Social Enterprises and Corporations Partnering to Drive Social Impact and Business Growth
Yasmina Zaidman, director of strategic partnerships at Acumen, discusses global and corporate enterprise partnerships.