Entrepreneurship Week Czech Republic

The Entrepreneurship Week Czech Republic 2018 will take place from Monday 12th November to Sunday 20th November with hundred of events expected to take place across the entire Czech Republic. The largest local event in support of entrepreneurship is hosted by European Leadership & Academic Institute based in Prague, Czech Republic. This year will mark 6th consecutive edition of the Entrepreneurship Week Czech Republic.

The Entrepreneurship Week Czech Republic 2018 will kick off with an all-day conference on Monday 12th November in Opero in Prague, Czech Republic. The main topic of the conference will be Circular Economy - a key concept to sustainable development. Amongst the speakers will be industry experts, business professionals and entrepreneurs. Opero has been chosen as this year's conference venue as it is a cutting-edge shared space for work, networking and social events and offers services tailored to leading entrepreneurs and managers seeking inspiration. 

Last year the Entrepreneurship Week Czech Republic 2017 was accompanied by more than 100 events, including workshops, lectures, seminars and discussions, and attracted more than 7 000 visitors from public, private and non-governmental sector.