SUPPORT | October 25, 2017

GEN Announces Managing Director to Lead New Affiliate in Egypt

Photo Credit: GEW Egypt

Ahmed Osman to guide GEN Egypt to strengthen international connections and implement new programs, initiatives

WASHINGTON, DC – The Global Entrepreneurship Network has appointed Ahmed Osman as managing director of GEN Egypt. In this role, Osman is responsible for expanding collaboration among the country’s entrepreneurship ecosystem leaders and connecting them to their counterparts in more than 170 countries.

Osman said the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Egypt has been rapidly developing in recent years – with a growing network of support organizations contributing to an enabling environment for entrepreneurs. He said in earlier years of entrepreneurship development – such as when GEW was launched in 2008 – the ecosystem has changed from actors operating in isolation, to a more collaborative, unified atmosphere.  

“We work to inspire as well as empower young people to develop their ideas into successful companies, by connecting them to a network and to knowledge,” said Osman. “We focus on entrepreneurship as a practical discipline, exposing our participants to an extensive network of experienced entrepreneurs, professionals and researchers. Our purpose is to cultivate social innovation as well as promote viable entrepreneurial businesses through our multi-sector platform. We aim to find the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and facilitate the creation of new businesses.”

Daria Ofman, GEN Egypt’s executive manager, said there are many of the same issues that hinder the development of startups now as there were 10 years ago, from a lack of access to good education, markets or the right knowledge, to a cultural mindset that is “ill-favored toward the risk of starting your own enterprise.” Ofman said GEN Egypt aims to break down those barriers, and strengthen the local ecosystem to help entrepreneurs connect to resources.

“There is now more than ever the need for an integrative approach in which organizations convene and utilize each others areas of expertise,” said Ofman. “GEN Egypt intends to be such a convener as well as a catalyst for positive change.”

At the global level, GEN operates in more than 170 countries. It fuels healthier start and scale ecosystems by fostering deeper cross-border collaboration and initiatives that engage entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers, researchers and entrepreneurship support organizations.

GEN Egypt aims to strengthen the ecosystem by focusing on:

  • Activating new entrepreneurs and startups by spreading awareness through business competitions, awareness-raising workshops and celebration events.
  • Supporting the development of existing startups through collaborating with and convening entrepreneurial networks and platforms in Egypt and providing targeted entrepreneurship training on gaps and underserved focus areas.
  • Analyzing “lessons learnt” by policy advocacy and by continued dialogue with government in the shape of roundtable discussion and focus groups.

GEN Egypt will partner with the Middle East Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE) to increase its impact, share resources and expand its activities. Alongside his role as GEN Egypt’s acting managing director, Osman is an entrepreneur himself, and also serves as the senior vice president of the International Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (MCSBE). He also serves as a board member of the Egyptian Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise Development Agency.


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