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Angel Capital Association Elects New Board Leaders and Directors

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Kansas City, MO, June 6, 2017 – The Angel Capital Association (ACA), the world's leading professional association for angel investors, has elected Linda Lorraine Smith of Sierra Angels (Lake Tahoe, NV) as chair, Tony Shipley of Queen City Angels (Cincinnati) as vice chair, and two new directors, Peter Adams of Rocky Venture Club (Denver), and Trish Costello, CEO of Portfolia (San Francisco). The changes take effect July 1.


With a membership of more than 13,000 accredited investors and more than 240 angel groups and platforms across North America, ACA advocates for public policies that support new company formation and provides a wide range of professional development and networking services for the individuals that comprise this critical source of funding for startups. ACA has an 18-member Board of Directors.


“The experience and insight of each of these individuals is critical to ACA’s mission and we are excited to elect these strong leaders. We appreciate the willingness of our new Chair, Vice Chair, and Board of Directors to serve our members and build ACA’s impact and regard throughout the world,” said Marianne Hudson, ACA Executive Director.


Linda L. Smith is an active angel investor with a distinguished career in both the public and private sectors. She has served three U.S. presidents, two congressmen, one mayor and a governor, and spent 12 years in Washington, DC, including working as Director of Administration in the White House's Office of Management and Budget and for two Congressional committees on Capitol Hill. She was a senior policy advisor to the Governor of Hawaii, where she was actively involved in tax policies that encourage angel investing. Smith has made investments through the Hawaii Angels and is an active member of Sierra Angels. She has been recognized as one of the Outstanding Alumni by her alma mater, the Maxwell School of Citizenship at Syracuse University.


Tony Shipley is a founder and chairman of the Queen City Angels (QCA) based in Cincinnati; a co-manager of QCA’s family of First Funds; and, a Board member (and inaugural member) of Ohio’s statewide venture organization, VentureOhio. Under his leadership QCA was ranked number 2 out of 370 angel groups by CB Insights. QCA was one of the first angel groups formed in the Midwest and Tony is an inaugural member of ACA. Tony brings extensive business and entrepreneurial experience to his role, including serving as CEO or founder for five companies. He also brings deep Board experience having served on, or is currently serving on, numerous for profit and non-profit Boards. Tony successfully sold and exited the last company he founded, Entek IRD International, where he served as CEO and President. He received an MBA from the University of Cincinnati, where he also serves on the Board of Directors for UCRI (University of Cincinnati Research Institute).


Peter Adams is the executive director of the Rockies Venture Club and managing director of the Rockies Venture Fund, based in Denver. Adams brings extensive business experience in previous corporate leadership roles as a CIO and economics director and as a CEO/serial entrepreneur. He is co-author of Venture Capital for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons. 2013). Adams is also the founder of, a non-profit CEO development program for young women. Adams is Adjunct Professor at Colorado State University where he teaches the capstone course for the Executive MBA program in Denver.


Trish Costello is founder and CEO of Portfolia, an entrepreneurial investing platform and investment funds designed for individuals and family offices, with a focus on affluent women investors. Costello is co-founder and CEO Emeritus of the Kauffman Fellows Program and was on the Kauffman Foundation’s initial entrepreneurship team.  She was ADCOM Chair of Commercialization for the National Science Foundation SBIR program. Costello was president of CVE Capital Corp., a venture capital fund of funds holding company. She was an advisor to the SBA under President Bill Clinton and has played a leading role nationally in obtaining greater financial equity investments in women’s businesses.  She is based in San Francisco.


Visit ACA Mission and Leadership for more information and a complete list of ACA directors and leadership.


About the Angel Capital Association (ACA)

ACA is the professional association of angel investors across North America and offers education, best practices, public policy advocacy, and significant benefits and resources to its membership of more than 13,000 accredited investors, who invest individually or through its 240 angel groups, accredited platforms, and family offices. For more information, visit: or at @ACAAngelCapital.


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