Compete | October 20, 2018

International startup competition Get in the Ring

Do you have an innovative startup idea, project, company? Do you need a global exposure? Are you ready to Get in the  Ring? 

If  your answer  are yes, then we welcome  to the stage !

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Get in the Ring  is the   Global Pitch Competition, which  invites startup founders from over 100 countries to pitch their solutions against their opponents in the ring. 

Get in the Ring is different from any other startup pitching competition. Pitching in the ring creates an undeniable competitive electricity, which means founders are forced to up their game and give a pitch they are proud of. 

Application  criteria:

  • Do you  have a innovative startup idea/project/company? 
  • Do you have a scalable business model?
  • Do you  a desire and ambitious  to  extend globally?

Get this chance and  make a step forward to the global sucess!


October  15 – application  open

November  10 – application close

November  11   selection  of 20 startup semi-finalist team

November 13 – pitch training for selected 20 teams and selection of  final 8 startup team

November 14 – final ring battle

The winner of the Get in the Ring Tbilisi will:

  • Participate on international Get in the Ring 3 day bootcamp with another 100 country winners
  • Receive an opportunity to participate in international business ring, , which will happen on the last day of the 3 day bootcamp bootcamp;
  • Receive an opportunity to receive a global investment;

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