GERN Annual Meetings


The GERN Annual Meeting is dedicated to exploring ways to provide and align more robust evidence that can advance entrepreneurial activity and new firm formation by gathering representatives of GERN member institutions  the leading organizations globally that fund and conduct entrepreneurship research.

The GERN Annual Meeting is traditionally aligned with the Global Entrepreneurship Congress (GEC) where GERN members engage with entrepreneurs, investors, leaders of entrepreneur support organizations, and other stakeholders. At the GEC, GERN members source questions from the field, and when evidence is available, they bring their perspectives to bear on policymaking, programming and other practical applications for the wider entrepreneurship community.

Throughout the year, GERN members have the opportunity to convene at other GEN-affiliated events, such as the Startup Nations Summit, a gathering of entrepreneurship-savvy policymakers from across the globe held at the end of November. In addition, many GERN members host national and regional conferences, research meetings, and other events that provide opportunities for interaction and collaboration.

For further information on GERN’s scheduled online and live meetings, please contact Cristina Fernandez at


Upcoming Meetings

October 2020: GERN Annual Meeting VII

Location: TBA


Past GERN Meetings

2014: Inaugural GERN Annual Meeting

Moscow, Russia

2015: GERN Annual Meeting II

Milan, Italy

2016: GERN Annual Meeting III

Medellin, Colombia

2016: GEC+ | Entrepreneurship Education Event

Daegu, South Korea

2017: GERN Annual Meeting IV

Johannesburg & Cape Town, South Africa

2018: GERN Annual Meeting V

Istanbul, Turkey

2019: GERN Annual Meeting VI

Manama, Bahrain