GERN helps catalyze joint research projects among its members. The benefits of collaborative GERN member research include:

  • Aligning current research agendas and investments with others for deeper global analysis and impact
  • Increasing the scope and impact of current research when research communities from around the world contribute their thinking and data
  • Thinking through with peers and defining the most important research questions and the best research methods for unlocking new ways to advance entrepreneurship
  • Addressing entrepreneurship research questions through collective efforts, thereby multipling effectiveness, insights, and understanding
  • Being connected to Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN), a global community of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship support program leaders, policymakers, and many others – GEN offers opportunities to test the relevance of research findings and recommendations, and
  • Receiving input and feedback from GERN members, which helps to take a more strategic and deliberative approach in defining future research agendas and investments
  • Being connected to a network that is bigger than the sum of its parts.

For each GERN-member collaborative project, listed below, GERN has evaluated and endorsed the methodologies employed.

Project Project Lead Implementing Organization(s)
Ecosystem Connections Mapping Rhett Morris and Victor Mulas Endeavor Insight; World Bank
Accelerator Performance Genevieve Edens and Emily Eastman ANDE; Emory University
Government Data Infrastructure Fiorina Mugione UNCTAD
Entrepreneurial Mindset Study Yogavelli Nambiar and Kelly Shaver  Allan Gray Orbis Foundation; Mindcette LLC