Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Ceremony

The National Association of Young Entrepreneurs has 10 years of experience in providing business, development and community for the youth. 12 years ago there was no help for young entrepreneurs. Today we are the country’s largest, succesful youth community in the economy, and we are the depositors of youth enterprise development in Hungary. Our founder, Patrik Kovács is the leader of JEUNE – Young Entrepreneurs Organization of the European Union as well, and we also cooperate with partner organizations from other countries in the world.

FIVOSZ has grown into an internationally recognized expert organization, including exporting know-how. We have helped the establishment of entrepreneurial associations for young people from Europe to Africa. During the last decade, FIVOSZ primarily has become a community of values and  secondly a community of interests. Our members are those young people who want to be successful by helping each other. We do not take each other’s markets, but we often come together in foreign markets and look for new opportunities. Our successful members make FIVOSZ a success.

We can help those young people who want to be entrepreneurs, want to raise their existing business to the next level, or bring it to the foreign market. We offer our members development, business and community. In 2014, FIVOSZ contributed to the creation of 1224, 4.14 percent of the new companies established in Hungary. Five years later, 90 percent of these businesses remaine alive, while the rate is generally the reverse. We have been working with companies on a business basis that provise more than 26 percent of Hungarian GDP .

Young entrepreneurs would need to have a practical and truly lifelike education where they can acquire entrepreneurial knowledge and not to be left behind after starting a business, but to seek advice from a more experienced entrepreneur.

Our team strives to meet these demands every day, with all its events throughout the year. We have reached over 3.5 million people, including 850,000 economically active young people, through our communications, events and workshops. Our biggest, yearly organized event is the Young Entrepreneurs Week in november. This series of event is originated from the Global Entrepreneurship Week wich is a celebration of the innovators and job creators who launch startups that bring ideas to life, drive economic growth and expand human welfare. During one week each November, GEW inspires people everywhere through local, national and global activities designed to help them explore their potential as self-starters and innovators.

We regularly run clubs, business and networking meetings that bring successful decision-makers and our other partners together, where they talk about different, business-related topics. The purpose of these FIVOSZ events is to deepen human and business relationships among our members.

Not only do young people receive professional support, although we also have great strategic partners (Mol, MVM), but the importance of our community of values comes into our daily work. We help where we can. Our community is not only proffesionally , but based on friendships as well.

We believe in forward-thinking partnerships for value creation. We have been talking about the future generation for ten years, but in 2019 we are representing the ‘now generation’. Our membership is an innovative approach and economic force, which is an inevitable factor for decision-makers.