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Changing the Culture in Hungary

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A few weeks ago, Jonathan Ortmans, president of Global Entrepreneurship Week, wrote a piece for the Policy Dialogue on Entrepreneurship about Hungary’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Despite cultural attitudes that made taking the leap to starting one’s own company a daunting process for Hungarian innovators, entrepreneurship in Hungary continues to grow.

Helping to illustrate that post, Hungary’s Slow But Steady Startup Roadmap, Sara Font of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency looks back at GEW 2013 in Hungary and the positive work it accomplished.

In 2013, the Young Entrepreneurs Association Hungary (FIVOSZ) organized the sixth annual Global Entrepreneurship Week in Hungary.

“GEW Hungary has become a key event over the past few years,” said Patrik Kovács, founder and president of FIVOSZ. “It empowers the next generation of innovators and problem solvers in Hungary.”

Since joining the GEW network, GEW Hungary has been engaging thousands of participants each November through a variety of events crafted to inspire, motivate and connect Hungarian entrepreneurs to the resources needed for success.

This past fall, GEW Hungary hosted 60 events in 12 cities, including a series of events held in Budapest divided throughout the week according to daily themes to help maximize engagement and productivity.

Nov 18: Day of Business Success

There is an abundance of creative thinking and readiness to create positive change among the Hungarian population. The ‘Day of Business Success’ helped entrepreneurs at a practical level get one step closer to transforming their ideas into new ventures with idea execution and business planning discussions. Participants also had a chance to meet with and hear from Hollywood movie producer Andrew G. Vajna and Richárd Rajnai, the 2012 “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” in Hungary.

Nov 19: Day of Innovative Startups

Innovative enterprises form a special segment of startup businesses. The ‘Day of Innovative Startups’ addressed how young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas could achieve success, and offered insight into fields often associated with innovation.

Nov 20: Day of Gastro Business

Gastronomy has become a growing field among the creative startup enterprises in Hungary. The ‘Day of Gastro Business’ offered participants the unique opportunity to present business models and hear success stories and insights from the founders of bakeries, confectioneries, beer and spirits companies, as well as of haute cuisine restaurants in Hungary.

Nov 21: Day of Business Energy (MVM Partner Day)

Lecturers from some of the largest companies in the energy sector in Hungary (MOL, MVM) demonstrated, on the basis of both Hungarian and international experience, that questions such as ‘is sustainability worth the considerations in enterprising?’ and ‘what kind of international standards and requirements do we have to achieve to get the highest recovery of the invested energy?’ can have a deep imprint on the success of an enterprise.

Nov 22: International Day

Speakers from 10 countries gathered in Budapest for ‘International Day’. The topics covered ranged from green solutions to new possibilities for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Of note was a panel discussion about “Business Regionalism and Beyond”, held by members of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum. The truly international nature of the final day of GEW Hungary helped prepare Hungarian entrepreneurs for success beyond their borders.

Concluding the week was the 5th Annual GEW Gala. Following the ceremonial signing of an agreement on cooperation between FIVOSZ and the Young Businessmen Association of Turkey (TÜGIAD), guests heard from a number of political figures from both Hungary and Turkey. The agreement marks the beginning of what promises to be a fruitful and successful partnership in the years to come. Also of note at the Gala was the “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” Prize, awarded to Bence Szórádi, founder and CEO of Lednagyker/Ledwholesale.

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