Blog | February 28, 2013

GEW 2012 in Hungary

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In 2012 the Young Entrepreneurs’ Association (FIVOSZ) organized the Global Entrepreneurship Week Hungary for the fifth time. During the past five years the association expanded in a rapid pace and FIVOSZ built up the most important and well-known initiative for helping young entrepreneurs in the country.

In 2012 the Global Entrepreneurship Week came out with the strongest lineup so far. Main programs have taken place in Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Furthermore, we had events in twelve other cities throughout the country.

Each day had its unique theme:

  • Women Entrepreneurs Day:
    GEW Hungary started with the ladies section. After being a great success in 2011 we tried again to encourage young female entrepreneurs with the presentations of successful businesswomen.
  • Day of Green Entrepreneurs:
    The environmental awareness is getting more and more important as well as appropriate corporate cost optimization. We showed solutions by presenters, who are known as innovators on both fields with their company.
  • Day of Becoming an Entrepreneur:
    A day with leaders of well-known and dominant Hungarian companies focusing on how to build up a business from scratch and be successful in a short time.
  • Innovative Start-up Day:
    The Innovative enterprises make a special segment of start - up companies. On this day, we showed which innovative solutions helped some young entrepreneur in becoming successful.
  • International Day:
    It is important to introduce foreign markets to their business, development and improvement opportunities for entrepreneurs who do not wish to go international.

Finally, last day of the Week the Young Entrepreneurs Week Gala Dinner was arranged, where FIVOSZ announced the winner of the Year’s Young Entrepreneur Award. It is a great honor to us, that Her Excellency Eleni Tsakopoulos Kounalakis, the Ambassador of the United States to Hungary accepted our invitation and was our guest on the event.

We can proudly say, that the interest for the week was greater than ever before in the history of GEW Hungary. Each day was fully booked and on the Day of Becoming an Entrepreneur we reached a record number of participants. Altogether nearly 6,000 young entrepreneurs and visitors participated in 44 different programs during the week. The event’s partners, speakers and sponsors represented an incredible 26,7 % percent of the Hungarian GDP, a sharp increase from comparable 6,5 % in 2011. This number is a huge success from such a small country like Hungary.

More than 80 articles were published in the local media, more than 700 000 people heard about the week and the website of FIVOSZ counted 95 000 page loads.

The association continues the hard work this year as well with the cooperation of today and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs in order to make the future even more successful.