SUPPORT | December 11, 2015

Xchange Blog Series: Mentorship Aids Entrepreneur with Business Plans

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This is part of a series of blogs from the four entrepreneurs participating in the Women’s Venture Xchange-Africa initiative. The Xchange is a mentorship and exchange program for high-growth women entrepreneurs based in Africa. The initiative is being run by the Case Foundation, the Mara Foundation, the Global Entrepreneurship Network and the U.S. Department of State.

Our time in Kenya has been good, and the learning experience has been amazing. During my last week in Nairobi l spent most of my time with my mentor Kate Kibarah. Our discussions were enlightening, as she shared her experiences on how she packages her products. She uses her packaging to differentiate her products from others and they are clearly labelled. I also learned the importance of including the nutrients components or benefits of a product on the package. It helps the customer learn more about your product and it increases the desire by a customer to use the product.

We took time to visit places where my mentor gets her labels and packages printed. They shared with us the advantage of using properly and clearly labelled packaging for our products. We also visited one of the leading supermarket's head office that has stores in East Africa where we met the buyer and discussed with her their expectations on products that are imported into their country. She shared with us their expectations and certifications needed for food products imported into Kenya. It was a great experience.

Visit the Xchange website for updates on the initiative.

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