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GEW Uruguay Calling for New Partnerships Volunteers in 2017

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The Global Entrepreneurship Week host organization in Uruguay, Endeavor Uruguay, increased the number of participants of GEW 2016 by more than 60 percent – with more than 18,500 people attending. GEW Uruguay attracted more than 35 partner organizations last year. There were a total of 45 organized activities to celebrate entrepreneurship and address the challenges encountered by entrepreneurs.

Uruguay has the highest internet, broadband and personal computer penetration in Latin America. Although Uruguayans are not historically risk-taking investors, entrepreneurship has grown in the country. According to the last Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report, the perception of risk is descending and the creation of new products and the internationalization of companies are on the rise. Nevertheless, entrepreneurship still faces some barriers, as Uruguayan society tends to value stable career paths in large companies, more than the risk of starting a new business.

The most popular event of GEW last year, by far, was the International Festival of Social Innovation (FiiS), a music festival that drives social innovation organized by the Uruguay branch of Socialab, originally from Chile. The conference and panel discussions centered around two main themes: sustainability and the new economy, followed by music performances.

DESEM Jovenes Emprendedores organized a graduation ceremony for all the young entrepreneurs, who through DESEM’s boot camp, learned to create, administer and manage their own company.

Montevideo Valley was another GEW event, organized by Fundacion Da Vinci. An annual event, which was established in 2008, Montevideo Valley provides a meeting platform for entrepreneurs, professionals and technology enthusiasts with a common interest in technology-based businesses.

Asociacion de Jovenes Empresarios organized an intriguing debate about the “Education of Tomorrow.” The debaters included Juan Martin Fernandez and Stephan Heit Puglia, both directors of education-focused NGOs, and Pablo Bartol, professor of business policy at IEEM, the School of Business, University of Montevideo, as well as the founder and director of Los Pinos Educational Center, an educational center that provides school and high school support, free meals and extracurricular activities, in a less privileged neighborhood of Montevideo.

Fuckup Nights Montevideo – lngenio is now in its third year in Uruguay, and continues to be a popular GEW event. Fuckup Nights was born in Mexico and has become a worldwide movement since. The event features a number of successful entrepreneurs who share their "failure" stories with the public.

If you would like to become a Global Entrepreneurship Week 2107 partner or sponsor organization in Uruguay or are a student interested in volunteering for GEW Uruguay, please contact tatiana.paolillo@endeavor.org.

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