July 22, 2020

InovAtiva Brazil

South America
Description of the core change(s) brought by this policy instrument

This acceleration program for startups offered by the government of Brazil delivers free services to new business founders, connecting them with the marketplace. The program acts on three fronts:

1. Training and skillsonline courses, group mentoring and expert webinars, as well as face-to-face workshops on topics that are critical to startup success.

2. Mentoring: with the collaboration of private entrepreneurs and successful business leaders, who share experiences and give access to their networks. InovAtiva has a network over 500 professionals who volunteer to share their experiences and network.

3. Connection to investors: connection to angels investors, investment groups, and large companies seeking to engage in open innovation activities, etc.


Please list the implementing agencies

InovAtiva Brasil was created in 2013 by the Ministry of Economy (at the time named the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade). 

In 2016, the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) joined efforts with the Ministry of Economy. 

Currently, the program is coordinated by both entities, and executed by the CERTI Foundation.

Lifecycle of target firms for this policy instrument
Start-up firms
Support offered
Non-financial Support
Level of intervention
Barrier(s) addressed with this policy tool
Access to Markets
Ecosystem Engagement/Coordination
Policy timeline

2013: Program launched by the Ministry of the Economy.  

2016:  The Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae) joined efforts with the Ministry of Economy and became a co-managing agency, helping deliver the program's components across the country.

2020: There program has already accelerated 1064 startups in all regions of the country, via 10 editions of the program.

  • Each edition of InovAtiva lasts approximately four months and selects up to 130 startups for the acceleration program - two cycles carried out each year.
Stated goal/metrics of the policy instrument

Since its origins in 2013, this acceleration program was designed and articulated to become a public management tool that accelerates, connects, bring visibility and mentors startups throughout the national territory, without any cost, with the ultimate goal of strengthening and fostering the innovation ecosystem in Brazil.

Evidence of results

Metrics as of early 2020:

+30,000 impacted entrepreneurs.

+10,000 submitted projects.                

+2,000 qualified startups.

926 accelerated startups, which have already have been introduced to formal investors.

Notes and additional context

'InovAtiva Brasil' is part of Brazil 4.0, a four-pronged strategy to promote the modernization of companies by fostering innovation, digitization and managerial skills (see presentation attached).

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