CELEBRATE | September 29, 2016

Netherlands Set for Global Entrepreneurship Week

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With less than two months to go, the Global Entrepreneurship Network continues to review Global Entrepreneurship Week preparations across the world. The Netherlands are all set with an impressive set of events and activities all over the country, perhaps hardly surprising considering the Netherlands ranks as one of the top five of most competitive economies in the world, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.

The GEW host in Netherlands, DutchCE (the network of Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship), and their partners will host more than 100 events across the Netherlands during the third week of November – with the aim to inspire more than 10,000 entrepreneurs, students, policymakers and academics to engage in entrepreneurship and connect them to mentors, new talent or investors.

The celebrations will kick-off with a number of regional openings throughout the Netherlands on Nov. 14.

On Nov. 15 is The16 event, an annual global entrepreneurship experience powered by Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship and handelsroute.nl, where 16 selected students from Dutch universities explore the entrepreneurial ecosystem outside of the Netherlands. The event also features young students, entrepreneurs and experts who will share their insights about international entrepreneurship and international experiences. 

After successful editions of The16 took students to the United States, Canada, China and Turkey, the next global entrepreneurship challenge will take The16 to the United Kingdom and Ireland in the spring of 2017. The Dutch Centers for Entrepreneurship and handelsroute.nl invite students with entrepreneurial ambitions to register for this once in a lifetime opportunity. You can apply until Oct. 31. Learn more.

The DARE (the Dutch Academy of Research in Entrepreneurship) seminar will take place on Nov. 16.

On Nov. 17, there are two eagerly awaited events, “How To Get There Summit” and “Get in the Ring: the Netherlands finals.” Innovative minds of the Netherlands come together in the Hague this year for a new edition of the How To Get There (HTGT) Summit. This grand innovation event mobilizes corporates, startups and innovation hubs to innovate faster together as a ‘single hub’. The HTGT Summit was initiated as part of StartupDelta by Neelie Kroes and Minister Henk Kamp, and is organized by the innovation hubs of the Netherlands. Each year the HTGT Summit takes place in one of the regional innovation hotspots of the Netherlands. This year the HTGT Summit is hosted by the Hague in the Haagse Hogeschool.

Participants of the HTGT Summit will see, feel, hear, and even taste what the innovation ecosystem of the Netherlands has to offer – all in one day. Dutch corporates across sectors share their expertise, success stories and brilliant failures. Startups join in the Get in the Ring competition to do business with investors, corporates and fellow entrepreneurs. For more information and tickets, check out www.htgt.nl.

Born in Belgium and now also celebrated in the Netherlands, every third Friday in November is Dag van de Ondenemer, or Entrepreneur Day. Dag van de Ondenemer will be celebrated on Nov. 18 with events all over Netherlands, highlighting the contribution of entrepreneurs to society and celebrating their courage and perseverance.

0n Nov. 18-19 is the Festival of Entrepreneurial Learning (FOEL), a festival that celebrates and advances entrepreneurial education and helps educators and student-startups grow. The festival for entrepreneurial learning aims to put teachers of entrepreneurship from across the country together and enable the exchange of best practices. It also provides an opportunity for teachers, students and researchers in higher vocational education to showcase their prototypes and have the chance to win an HBO grant.

The GEW activity in the Netherlands is spread out throughout the entire country, and indeed the regions contribute significantly to the overall GEW campaign and activities.

GEW Rotterdam is organizing a “Circular Minds Conference” on Nov. 18. The theme is that a new set of skills for current and future professionals is needed to accelerate the transition toward a circular economy where products, components and raw materials are recycled so that their value is preserved as much as possible. Questions explored in the conference will include, “How do we create ‘Circular Minds so that they can work on a circular future?’” During the Circular Minds Conference 200 professionals, including trainees, human resources staff, policymakers and scientists will work on these questions, on various business cases focussed on different kinds of waste, and participate in workshops to learn entrepreneurial and circular skills. 

Under the theme #iamchange, GEW Maastricht aims to inspire its participants about their role as change-makers and entrepreneurs. They aim to gather different backgrounds, nationalities, and multi-disciplinary fields in a program that inspires participants to draw connections and view entrepreneurship with a fresh pair of eyes, finding new ideas and building relationships. The objective is to challenge and inspire people to unleash their inner creator and innovator to become game-changers on a local and global level. #iamchange reinforces the message that GEW is more than just an awareness campaign. It is a platform for connection and collaboration – engaging all players along the entrepreneurship spectrum.

Buke Cuhadar serves as Vice President of Global Operations for the Global Entrepreneurship Network, a year-round platform of programs and… About the author