Free - COVID - 19 Virtual Design Challenge


Comcast NBC Universal is partnering with, an amazing youth entrepreneurship program for high school students.

BUILD is holding a complimentary professional development opportunity and student experience that will help solve many of our current challenges with distance learning. And it will increase our sense of accomplishment as an educator. BUILD is extending an invitation for you and your network of educators to launch this experience with students.

In this Challenge, students will create youth-driven solutions to promote mental and physical wellness amid the pandemic. They will learn and exercise the 21st Century Skills that are incorporated. 

The Challenge has interactive features that can be accessed on Chromebooks, tablets, or smartphones to ensure broad access and high levels of engagement. A Facilitator's Guide is included.

This Challenge will help students move from a place of anxiety, helplessness, and fear to a place of problem solving, agency, and power over this current unsettling crisis.

Thank you for your passion and commitment to providing engaging and meaningful experiences for your students.