Organize Event

Guidelines to organize an event:

1. Topic:

  • Choose any topic which promotes or has a strong relationship with entrepreneurship i.e. women entrepreneurship, start-up challenges, securing funds for start-ups etc.
  • The event could include a number of activities like interactive sessions, practical workshops, field trips and local/internationally renowned speakers, competitions, etc.
  • Topic must not be inflammatory in nature i.e. it must not be based on any political, religious, or ethnically controversial topic
  • The selected topic must be of relevance to the current political, economic and/or societal climate. This is important for attracting a suitable audience. It must also be linked with GEW. 

2. Speakers:

  • You may invite anyone to speak on the selected topic e.g. a local entrepreneur, a senior executive of a company, representative of chamber of commerce, or even a university/college professor. The speakers invited should have some know-how about the selected topic
  • Number of speakers would depend on the duration of the event and how many other activities have been organized
  • If a competition has been organized, the name/s of the judge/s must be announced beforehand.

3. Location:

  • Location of the event is as per your convenience i.e. university auditorium, a restaurant, any university/college class, or any hall that could accommodate the target number of audience
  • Timings and dates must be stated clearly after the availability of the venue has been determined
  • Map should be added to make the location more accessible. Also, make sure there are no roadblocks on the day/s of the event.

4. Audience:

  • Again that depends on the selected topic. But, whatever segment or group you want to invite kindly make sure there're more than 30 people. But, if it's a just a discussion session then a minimum of 10 people are recommended
  • Another concern should be whether the audience would be completely local or national as the latter would require accommodation especially if the event spans over a number of days
  • If attendance requires the purchase of a ticket then the availability, cost as well as where the tickets can be procured must be stated clearly. If entrance is free and/or requires mandatory registration that should be made clear
  • Audience should also be made aware of what they can expect to take away from attending the event
  • Any goody bags or event merchandises should be advertised as an additional incentive for attendance/purchase of ticket.

5. GEN Pakistan can provide you the digital logos, banners, letterheads, MoU, Letter of Promise etc.

6. GEN Pakistan would require all the details prior to the event i.e. program schedule. and after the event you'd be required to forward a) event summary, b) names of the partners, c) event photographs, d) newspaper clippings (if available). 

GEN Pakistan will publish all information (text, images, videos) on its website, Facebook Page, Blog and Slack (a forum for all GEN Countries which include over 170 countries). Pictures, videos and post-event summary must be shared with GEN Pakistan by 23rd of November, 2018

All partners must register their events on GEN Pakistan website.