The mentoring program for entrepreneurs that Autoocupació offers is a personalized and individual accompaniment process through professionals and business people with a long career who have created their own company, share their experience with young entrepreneurs.

The task of the mentor, who offers his experience as a volunteer, focuses on helping young people who undertake their business project to develop their skills and grow the business. In this way, the young entrepreneur can expand their perspectives, and boost professional and personal growth.

The relationship between the mentor and the entrepreneur is based on establishing trusted environment that allows the analysis and discussion of the business situation and provides the necessary tools to face the problems and solve the concerns raised by the entrepreneur. For this reason, the mentor take their role asking critical questions instead of answering them, using active listening and assertiveness, in order to empower the mentee, strengthen the decision-making process and enhance the his/her self-confidence.

The mentoring program of Autoocupació follows a methodology developed by Youth Business International, which is currently applied in more than 45 countries in the world.

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