Blog | July 4, 2019

Thanks to the volunteer mentoring of consolidated entrepreneurs, 450 young new entrepreneurs started and grew their businesses in Catalonia, Spain

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Entrepreneurs, professionals and managers share their time and experience in Autoocupació’s mentoring program. Volunteer mentors help new entrepreneurs to consolidate and grow their businesses.

By applying the mentoring methodology developed by Youth Business International, which has more than 14,000 volunteer mentors in more than 50 countries, 351 new companies have been mentored by 312 volunteer consolidated entrepreneurs since 2013 in Catalonia.

Yesterday, the mentoring impact study by PwC was presented at the ENDESA Space in Barcelona. ENDESA Foundation hosted the celebration of the 5th anniversary of the program.

The study highlights mentoring as a key factor in the personal and professional development of its participants and in improving their professional situation: 94% of the entrepreneurs that came from an unemployment situation are currently working.


"Being able to share concerns and discuss solutions with someone with so much experience, is one of the best gifts an entrepreneur can have.” Marc Coloma, 26-year-old entrepreneur and CEO at Foods for tomorrow, has already created 8 full-time and 10 part-time jobs in just two years.

Business success under the mentoring program is also highlighted in the study: companies participating in the program double their turnover and increase their staff by 60% in just four years. Guillem Arís, CEO at Autoocupació, points out that ", with a 5-year survival rate of 87%, compared to the 41% average, businesses accompanied by a mentor are more than twice as likely to survive".


The study also measured the effects of the mentoring program on the Spanish economy, pointing out the creation of 713 new jobs and the contribution of more than 8 million euros to the public coffers in form of social contributions, taxes and savings on unemployment benefits.

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